NDSM Amsterdam long time ago

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At the entrance of Skatepark Amsterdam we painted some things just to kill the time, because aiaiai time is on our side god dammit!!!

Irene tunnel Delft

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A tribute painting in the Irene tunnel Delft. The hart is made by Gusto.

First and last time in India

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There is not a place in the world that I hate, except for India. It’s not the people, or the food, or the smog. No it must be my own self that is just not at it’s place in India. On the last day, after being sick most of the time, stood in a used heroin needle and flooded a village while trying to place a childrens playground, I took my chance to paint this piece. The local newspaper wrote about it, because I convinced the owner of the house that cats bring luck in Holland and Muskdop means forever happy. I won’t go back to check if it worked, that’s for sure.

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He was with me

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After painting this Musk in Kuta, Indonesia I came back for some pictures the next day. A cat showed up and stayed with me while taking foto’s. Just as if he was approving my work.

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‘My friends’

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Los Bastardos was asked to make a painting after illegal after hours cafe KoosII to make a painting as a thank(fuck) you to local authorities and police. On the night they were closed policeman were carrying crates of Hertog Jan(special beer) outside as trophies. The owner asked us to name the piece ‘Mijn vrienden'(my friends) and so we did. They are still closed, and the painting is still covering the entrance.

Los Bastardos at birthday Jos Kel

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After a failed painting job at the Ontspoort festival in Delft because it was raining we went to the birthday of Jos and after some drinks and curious dance steps we painted the wall in his living room.  And yes we were all wearing the same sunglasses.

Musk RIP. Thailand, Phuket, 2010

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In 2005 my dear friend Jonathan v/d Putten aka Musk died in a tragic scooter accident. I went to the spot where the accident happened and found an empty building that was never finished. So I painted it in his memory. Rest in Peace homie.


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