Jason and Steven(New York, 2008)

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The two artists met last year in New York when Steven(pedro) was visiting from his native Den Haag, Holland. After the death of his close friend Musk, Delout found a kindred spirit when he visited Griffin’s Bedford-Stuyvesant studio. An explosion of creative energy followed, and by the time Steven returned to Holland, the artists had solidified a cohesive working relationship. Since both artists have roots in major cities, they were uniquely suited to bringing street art’s cooperative style into the studio environment. That same urban art mentality would also inspire them to scour the streets of Brooklyn for discarded doors, enabling them to eschew the conventional canvas in favor of a painting surface that meshed with their distinct style. With Delout back in Europe, the two artists continued their unique collaboration via the postal service. For the past year, they’ve been sending drawings back and forth across the Atlantic, and now, they have the opportunity to work together for a full week in the Capla Kesting gallery. (http://caplakesting.com/JasonandSteve/Index.htm)


~ by pedro pollo on 07/20/2010.

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