Nie How Tailand, Kaohsiung

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~ by pedro pollo on 03/29/2011.

12 Responses to “Nie How Tailand, Kaohsiung”

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  2. Hi dude, I took a picture of one of your graph in Taipei that I saw. Fuckin’ great peace of work! Your adress was on it so I though about passing by sayin hello. Cheers!

    By the way the photo:

  3. oh gosh,
    are you serious that you can’t tell thiland from taiwan?

  4. He Laura,
    I painted in both Taiwan and Thailand but thanks for being sharp!!

  5. Either you don’t seen my pictures or don’t know Taïwan, but please don’t call me dumb if you’re dumber Laura 😉

    Nice work again Pedro, take care!

  6. oh, i didn’t really see other posts, so
    here’s my apology to you two!

    sorry for being so rude and you are being very kind!
    i do like your work anyway

  7. Haha, apologies accepted!

    By the way I did’nt see any Pedro’s post about Taiwan (maybe I did’nt search right) so I just posted my comment on the last note, I think that’s where the misunderstand came from.

    Pedro you should post about it!

  8. haha, easy now you crazy kids.
    I’ve always had trouble seeing differences between any asian country or person, so I don’t blame anyone for being wrong.

  9. Hello! I saw this graph in Kaohsiung some days ago. I just enter to the blog because when i saw the drawing i was so shocked because the name of the blog… two words very spanish… are you from spain?? 🙂

    • He Francies,
      Hahaha! No i’m not from Spain, i’m from Holland, The Hague.
      Did you like the painting and which one was it?


      • Aha, from Holland.. wow 🙂 (i’m from Madrid)
        Of course i liked. Was the same painting of the pic… it was near of a part of the harbor of kaohsiung, right?
        I was watching for some time, because started to rain… and i was waiting for stop rain in front of the drawing.
        See you!

  10. Sorry, may I ask of the meaning of the 4 Chinese characters ‘你好京哲’?

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