In 2005 i visited New York for the first time, halfway through the stay my good friend Jon died. After going to church and some drinking  i wanted to paint. Through my cousin i hooked up with Jason Douglas Griffin. We connected and painted very intense for 4 days. It was the start of a new friendship.


Jason workin on three doors that we found on the steets of brooklyn. Later showed at a group show ‘silver spring’ in the meatpacking district. Jason works together with the multitalented Jason Reynolds on  increase-decrease.

J Workin

SRV bus painted with Thomas K. en Herline van Bemmel at PIP Den Haag.

srv met to&liensrv met to&lien2

Baracca asked Los Bastardos to paint at the streetfestival Viaventosa in Eindhoven. We painted a wall in local gallery Wei. Kids were loving us and invented new words while looking at the work.



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